These are some of the services we provide.

Vehicle Cameras

An image of A New Service VISWales provide a variety of cameras to suit your pocket and needs.We are experienced installers of many makes and models but if you want quality and good value VISWales recommend Thinkware. These are supplied and installed from £99.99, we also offer a mobile service so we can install at your home or your place of work, please contact us for further
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Speed Limiters

An image of A New Service With rising fuel costs speed limiters are becoming an increasingly popular investment. Our digital speed limiters once fitted to your vans, minibus or cars allow fleet operators to limit a vehicles top speed, this is particularly helpful when motorway driving. A van typically uses 25% less fuel when driven at 70 mph rather than 80 mph, thereby reducing
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Vehicle Trackers

An image of A New Service Over the last few years trackers have become more and more in demand, Customers with high end vehicles are protecting themselves against key theft and the increasing sophistication of car thieves. Companies with multiple vehicles to track, are finding that using a fleet tracking system enables them to improve the efficiency of their fleet, increase the
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Alarms / Immobilisers

An image of A New Service With insurance premiums rocketing and the police force openly admitting that car crime is at the bottom of their priority list, more and more people want to feel safe in the knowledge that they have protected their vehicle with an effective and formidable alarm system.VISWales can supply and fit thatcham approved alarms &immobilisers When choosing from
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